A Vision for Nature

By July 27, 2016News

“None of us own the natural world. We only hold it in trust for the next generation. It is cause for hope that, as this report shows, so many of those who inherit it feel the same.”
    – Sir David Attenborough

Conservation strives to bridge the gap between instant gratification and foresight. The foresight to decide today, what will serve our planet and our economy (therefore ourselves) best for the future. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the generation with the highest stakes in this future has come together to advance the environmental dialogue.

A Focus On Nature, a network for young nature conservationists in the U.K., has recently proposed their Vision For Nature. They invite the U.K. Government, “to bring out a 250-year plan for nature that achieves our vision by 2050, then sets out how nature will be maintained for centuries to come.”

Complete with clear calls to action, case studies, inspiring artwork, and a whole lot of heart, this group is on to something that resonates beyond the borders of the U.K. All of their calls to action are ones that we, too, should feel compelled to weave into our lives.