Thinking differently requires communicating differently. With this in mind, we apply a refined methodology rooted in theory and practice to each and every project. Our creative process includes:

Blue Skies

In a Blue Skies session, we work with our clients to frame who they really are; what they authentically do; and the purpose behind their work. This initial consultation is carried by a series of questions, challenges, and prompts, that guide us to better understand one another.

Narrative Landscape

The stories we speak about everyday and the way we communicate environmental issues really does matter. During a Narrative Landscape session, we engage in a critique that evaluates and analyzes the existing narrative and communication modes. Through research we survey both the internal and external narrative and communication landscapes.


It doesn’t happen overnight. It is an on-going process. It requires repetition, focus, and dedication. In a Summit session, we work with our clients to identify their mission, goals, and objectives, on both an organizational and project scale, while reframing key messages for effective communication.

Trail Map

Reframing is social change. The Trail Map provides a project plan for reframing the new narrative and key messaging derived from the initial creative and strategy sessions. It identifies project components and budget.


When we successfully reframe the way we communicate environmental issues, we change the way the public views the world. We change what counts as common sense. The Journey encompasses the production phases of any project or campaign, including development, production, and delivery.


It is about being empathetic and then acting compassionately. The creative process concludes with a Reflection, or in-depth analysis that qualitatively and quantitatively examines the success of the project.

Our story is about linking people, planet, and profit so that we shift our worldview to one of connection, empathy, and compassion.