There There

By October 6, 2015Inspiration

I was on his website today for the first time in a long while and as usual I was pleasantly surprised. He’s updated it: there’s more work; there’s more collaborators, there’s more insight; and there’s another arrow that follows mine around. It confused me at first, but then I held my click for a few moments and I realized it was yet another way Jonathan Harris manipulates how the computer controls us. This is the thesis behind his new project called Network Effect. In his own words, “Network Effect explores the psychological effect of Internet use on humanity.”

We’re intrigued.

He’s a computer scientist at heart—I think—and a damn fine visual storyteller, among other things. He does what Evermaven inspires to do with our work: he packages knowledge and facts into stories that we can all relate to; he makes it immersive; he makes it tangible; he makes you feel. What he’s particularly good at is forecasting patterns and trends in our digital world and packaging them up before anyone else to prove it. Jonathan’s projects are complex, yet I bet he describes them so simply in person.

It seems environmental communication could use a good old dose of JH.


Because policy and documents, facts and figures, charts and data will only take the conversation so far. Audiences want and need to hear about climate change, the tar sands, and ocean pollution in a different light. I just pictured JH tackling the origin of anyone of these issues and it’s a much better journey than the latest news I just read.

You can see vibrant examples of JH’s work here.